Brand introduction

With respect toroseonly:

The 2013.1.4 means the centurial date of professions of love of “love you for one lifetime.”Roseonly was set up in the name of love with the concept of “only love one person for one lifetime,” which carefullyselected the Ecuadorian flower rose in a million and committed to building a brand of love tokens.

The brand has been popular with many celebrities since its establishment, and hundreds of celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Lin Zhiying, Li Chen, Li Yundi, Zheng Kai, has sent or receive roses of roseonly in important occasions. Ma Sichun, Wang Ziwen, Ouyang Nana and supermodel He Sui, also chose roseonly as fashion accessories in magazines and fashion blockbusters. Roseonly interprets the legendary inspiration of roses with different product series and expresses love with different designs, all of which explain the importance of promise and oath of love.


Roseonly has also introduced a variety of product lines such as rose jewelry, constellation classics, rose bear, musical ball, and scented candle, which formed the concept that"makes the whole series of gifts of love "with rose as the main inspiration. Roseonly is the only choice when people want to express their feelings in important occasions.Until now, people believe that whenever roseonly appears, there is romance and expression of love.

Brand story

The story at the very beginning of starting roseonly is a coincidence. A group of friends with busy work whohave been living abroad for a long time gather at a party in Beijing and they were just like longtime friends during the toast and talking. At that time, a friend who had been handling business negotiations and digital transactions had asked a question - "do you still believe in love?"In that year, it was a more popular feeling that - i don't believe in love any more.In the light and shadow of being busy realizing career goal and pursuing the sense of social existence, the true love was far away like a fairy tale that was never born.The belief to deliver the only true appeared at that moment. Before long, the group of friends from all over the world went to Beijing together. Some of them rejected the invitation of international investment bank partners; some of them give up on the leisure of staying abroad for a long time; some of them give up the promotion and salary increase.They proceeded without any hesitation only because they were not willing to let the belief of “only love one person in one lifetime” die out. In other words, this was their obsession.They chose rose. It was said that the roses in heaven were blue. It absorbed the essence of heaven and earth because it became the clothes of Adam and Eve after descending to the world. One word of flower and one drop of tear can be a reason why we do not give up love……The creator has special preference for rose, endowing her with enchanting and charming posture as well as amorous meanings, while the glittering and translucent dewdrops on the rose leaf show the supplication for life and love of people in love. People in the room all keep silence after hearing his question.

Brand characteristics

Roseonly has fully made a brand of high-end love token. It is not only the witness of romance, but also source of strength for expressing love. The brand was born on Jan. 4, 2013, with an implication of "love you for one lifetime". It is just for a pious faith that a believer obtains love and love is the only thing that matters. At the beginning of starting the brand creation, the brand has carried a unique imprint of time. Roseonly encourages lovers to express love and to be loyal to the inner choice. Roseonly has created the era of gift box of flower, which broke people's traditional cognition for flowers and kept all the long flower sticks, which has restored the expressive form of giving presents of European courts. The light grey silk gift box of roseonly made by roseonly is a symbol of style and elegance of roseonly. It is well known that only customers who buy products in roseonly can get the gift box of roseonly that will be loved at first sight. When you have an occasional glimpse in the boutique, or hold it in the arms or watch and appreciate it in the palm, the grey gift box of roseonly all symbolized the moment of sudden fast heartbeat when love comes.The grey gift box of roseonly must be sold together with the product because it represents the brand’s requirement for its quality.As the brand becomes more and more famous, the grey gift box of roseonly gets famous as well.It is the witness of love, the dreamy color among lovers and embodiment of romance.Its emergence makes people filled with anticipation.Inside the gift box, there is a special envelope to keep the only true love identification card and relevant accessories.The only true love identification card of roseonly with a special QR code attached. The words written on the card will witness the love in your life as evidence. You can receive the words of love with profound feeling. Roseonly has provided a more convenient way of writing for this.Your exclusive oath of true love can be filled in when the order is submitted, or you scan the QR code on the card and writing the oath after the purchase.You can receive his words with profound feelings which were written when he placed the order. The voice and words are available and they can be read at any time. Roseonly is destined to exist in the word forever because of its original classic.

Product categories

Flower roses of roseonly

Flower roses of roseonly carefully choose the Ecuadorian roses to witness true love for you. The series of Flower roses include everlasting classics, permanent true love, love in the arms, constellation classics. There are a variety of categories including wish roses of seven colors with mystery and romance, classic cinnabar roses with lasting fragrance, promise roses and emotional roses. The roses use up all innermost words to tell each love with strong fragrance of flowers and romance of love. Roseonly bring the most delicate and charming roses in the world to you and witness the love and being love for you at the moment.

Preserved roses

Roseonly introduced the ancient preserved flower technique into China, and pioneered the product series of preserved flowers. Preserved rose is only to freeze the eternal romantic moment of the bloom of a flower. The production process is sophisticated and complicated. Experiencing one hundred and nine years of exquisite craft, we use the ancient production process to preserve flowers forever and add more elements of romantic expression to the preserved roses such as introducing derivative products including customized musical roses and preserved rose box. We wish the preserved roses remain fresh like love.

Rose jewelry accessories

Roseonly focus on the developing more rose jewelry, so jewelry series of roseonly emerge at a historic moment. The emergent of rose jewelry of roseonly is closely related to its rose logo. The designers were touched by vows of true love and gained inspiration from roses. Rose jewelry is all crafted by famous jewelry craftsmen. After repeated refinement and polishing, the jewelry roses bloom in the beautiful world of love with eternal resplendent light. With artistic romance like a poet, insisting on spirit of originality, the designers carefully polish the jewelry accessories, which cannot be copied. Each jewelry accessory stands for the poetry and great originality of the designers.

Developing process

On Jan. 4, 2013, the brand was born on the day with an implication of "love you for one lifetime" and put forward the concept of "love one person for one lifetime"
On Sept. 9, 2013, the first specialty store in Taiguli, Sanlitun, Beijing , went into full operation.
In 2013, it received investment in the round A from Tencent.
On Jan. 4, 2014, roseonly's love series, love roseonly, for young lovers was born, and lemon yellow gift box of love roseonly explained the obscurity and purity of first love.
July 28, 2014, the Beijing Ritz-Carlton hotel went into full operation, roseonly has become a high-end hotel brand.
In 2014, it received the investment of US$10 million in the round B from IDG&Accel.
On Feb. 14, 2015, the Italian Barolo restaurant in the Beijing Ritz-Carlton hotel and roseonly specially held a romantic and aesthetic theme Valentine's Day together.
On Aug. 14, 2015, the SKP store in Beijing went into full operation, located in the first floor of SKP, near to the major luxury brands.
In Sept. 2015, it completed financing of Genesis Capital in the round C.
In Feb. 2017, it owned more than 30specialty stores in luxurious malls of 22 cities.

Star moment

On Feb. 14, 2013, the news that Li Xiaolu received rose of roseonly became the top of hot search in micro blog, defeating multiple hot spots of VIP users.
In Dec. 2013, in the traditional brand activity of “Send flowers by dream guys in Christmas”, Zhang Liang and his father showed up in Beijing Taiguli store of roseonly, and sent gift to customers as "rose special envoys".
In Dec. 2014, in the traditional brand activity of “Send flowers by dream guys in Christmas”, Wu Yifan showed up in the TaiKoo Hui store to send presents to the customers as a "special envoy of roses".
On Jan.4, 2015, love roseonly have invited Yang Mi, an intimate friend of the brand. Yang Mi used the insight of the beautiful life as inspiration and integrated it into the design of the flowers.
In Feb. 2015, Wang Feng used roseonly to make a proposal party with more than one million of RMB, and "I do."Zhang Ziyi said excitedly.
On Feb. 14, 2015, Li Chen sent presents to the users as a "special envoy of roses" to delivery true love in Valentine’s Day.
In Dec., 2015, in the traditional brand activity of “Send flowers by dream guys in Christmas”, Zheng Kai, “the little cheetah”, showed up in store of roseonly located in China World Mall in Beijing, and sent gift to customers as "rose special envoy".
Released in Feb. 2016, the movie, mermaid, ranked No. 1 at the box office of Chinese film. The hero chose roseonly cinnabar rose and the proposal diamond ring of roseonly to express love. Roseonly has become one of the love tokens in many movies.
On Feb. 14, 2016, Kun Ling, wife of Zhou Jielun, showed gift, classical wish roses that she received in Valentine's Day.
On March 20, 2016, all roses in the wedding party of Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong were from roseonly. as loyal users of the brand, they chose roseonly as the witness of the important moment of their life.
On April 1, 2016, the past designer, Albert Elbaz, of the famous fashion brand, Lanvin, was invited to China for the first time. It together with roseonly created a private party with the theme of "dreamlike rose night of Albert Elbaz and roseonly".
On April 2, 2016, the two designers, Dolce and Gabbana, who were used to using their hometown, Sicily, as inspiration, made a fashion movie together about the products in the spring and summer of 2016. They told the inspiration of this season
On April 10, 2016, in the one hundred-day feast of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi's daughter, in order to express his love for Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng specially used roseonly, to build a fairy tale garden.
In July 2016, roseonly held the first courtship ritual with quadratic element for the main characters of LINE FRIENDS, the Brown bear and Conyrabbit in the country.
In July 2016, Li Chen customizeda white flower bear of roseonlyas a gift for Fan Bingbing.
In Dec., 2015, in the traditional brand activity of “Send flowers by dream guys in Christmas”, Yang Yang showed up in store of roseonly located in China World Mall in Beijing, and sent gift to customers as "rose special envoy".
In Feb. 2017, as the dean of the research institute for love of roseonly, Yang Yang released City love report in 2016, which is based on large data analysis of all roseonly users
In March 2017, Jia Nailiang attended Zhang Liang’s birthday party with roseonly rose in his hand.
In April 2017, Monica Bellucci appeared at the Beijing international film festival, holding the cinnabar roses of roseonly and occupying all the headlines and front pages.
On May 20, 2017, Ma Sichun showed her intimate group photo with rose sweetheart bear of roseonly, which became a hotspot issue.

Selection of roses

Roseonly has selected the roses from Ecuador. Before the establishment of roseonly, the Ecuadorian roses mainly concentrated in the United States, Germany and other markets. It seems that the roses grow in Ecuador have received a unique gift of nutrition from heaven and earth. Each rose has 30 pieces of petals at least with long thick branches and long florescence. We select unique love gift of roses, so we have strict standard for the picking of each rose. We have high requirements for the bud, stem length of the branches and color of the roses. After repeated selection, we get romantic flowers with high quality. Only when the roses meet the strict selection rules can they shipped to the factory for processing. Only one in a hundred is chosen. The strict selection system of roseonly is very familiar for garden owners in the Ecuador. Roseonly carefully selects each rose with precise specification, which meets the requirement for high quality.

Brand structure

The flagship brand of roseonly
As products of flagship brand, creating love tokens, its implication is to give love gift of rose. It mainly focuses on selling the imported Ecuadorean roses, among which the flower roses with spray of 80cm long and the persevered flower that has experienced 109 complex processes are representative. The brand believes that only when the roses are given sense of design, can they have the sense of ritual of love. Inside the gift box, there is a special envelope to keep the only true love identification card and relevant accessories. The only true love identification card of roseonly with a special QR code attached, which has words of “witness the love of life and receive the words of love” with profound love.

Roseonly for all love
Roseonly for all love is the exclusive series to be given to relatives and friends as presents. As the only non-love series, it is the best gift for intimate relatives and friends. Roseonly for all love was born on Mother's Day in 2017, so Roseonly created the concept of the most intimate relatives and friends of “only for the most important persons in life.” The products of for all love witness all the affection among intimate relatives and friends. Using platinum gift box with white and gold, for all love series add the European romantic and elegant color, which makes the rose full of feelings. Like the initial appearance of a love gift, after incorporating all the blessings and thanks, it has restored its pure white color and become the best gift for close relatives and friends.

Love roseonly
The love roseonly owned by roseonly is the sub-brand of roseonly aiming at young customers. It uses young design to creat the concept of “Young love with life like flowers.” The sub-brand, love roseonly focuses on domestic roses. Baby pink and baby blue are its main colors, which express the love and purity of youth. The flowers of this series are 40cm in length, so that every receiver can hold it in his arms easily. The preserved rose series still continue the old technique of Germany and the youth colors including baby pink and baby blue were added, which are like the obscurity and purity of first love. That will remind you of moment with sudden fast heartbeat when love comes.


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